My Garden in HDR

On Sunday I went to a talk by Jeff Morgan, an excellent and prolific photographer. He covered HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography in some detail, and showed us exactly how to set the camera (on a tripod) and take a series of photos 1 stop apart. Using 12 images (yes 12!) that he had previously taken he loaded them in to Photoshop and allowed it to process them automatically from the RAW files. It took a few minutes, but the final version was most impressive.

So yesterday I went into the garden and took my own series of images from -3 to +3 stops. The one on the left is a straight shot on Aperture priority f11 and no compensation. The one on the right is the HDR version merging 6 images. The difference is so dramatic I shall have to go out and do more.


Spring_HDR2 sm