My Ancestors

KBrown 1 FamilyWilliam K BrownMinnie, unknown, Nellie.

Ancestors are complicated things. There are so many branches that it soon becomes difficult to follow them. I so I have put them into 4 sections, one for each grandparent.

Both my parents came from Johannesburg. My father moved to Rhodesia where we were all born and brought up, so we saw very little of our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins in South Africa.  I remember visiting when I was young, and Granny Brown visited us a few times, but I didn’t really know any of them well. When I was adult I visited Granny Brown and Grandpa Marshall briefly, but they were old and their spouses dead.

The Marshalls

The Walshes

The Browns

The Blundells

Ancestor diagram

Ancestor diagram

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